So, Carla has been extubated for almost an hour now and she seems to be doing well.  Her oxygen saturation's are in the mid to high 90s and she is only on 1 and 3/4  liters of oxygen mixed with nitric oxide!  We are cautiously excited out of our minds!  This is HUGE and we are so ready to turn this corner and to start watching her get better!!!  I can't wait to watch her run and play with a whole heart!!  If she continues to do great over the next 24 hours I will be over the moon!

In the Lord's name I pray... please let Carla continue to do well extubated, help her continue to heal, have healthy lungs and help her body accept it's new heart as it's own.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen.


cici said...

Ralph Cramden says... Over the moon Alice! Positive thoughts, love and Prayers to a family who has been through too much!

You show those Doctors Carla!!!!!!!!!
Rock it little girl!

Deedra Darby said...

Hi, my name is Deedra, anyways, you don't know me, but I pray for your little girl all the time. I am friends with some people in Cascade and have been following your story for a couple years now. I was literally in tears when I heard you got the call! And I just wanted to let you know (as if you didn't already) that your angel has complete strangers praying every day for her. I am so happy to read how well she is doing. And even though it is on a very small scale compared to how much she (and this struggle) has changed your life, she has changed mine. Thank you for sharing her story, and I will continue to pray for her all the days of my life. God Bless You!