An update

Carla has had a pretty good night, our goal today is to starting chipping at getting her off the vent.  She is very pissed off about the fact that her hands are restrained, but they have them restrained so that she doesn't grab at her vent hose and hurt herself.  It is good to see her stubborn personality shining through, but hard to see her so upset.  She is very drugged up but is still aware, if you know what I mean.  I am praying that she sleeps quietly and that she is able to get that stupid vent out today!

Love, Jen

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The Luke Family said...

I have big crocodile tears and chills! It has been a busy week so I haven't checked in on you until this morning. What a great surprise to see that there is a healthy 4 chambered heart beating in lil' Toot! Can't wait to see just what information she is wanting to share when that silly vent is gone. Continued love and prayers from Nebraska!

mom to Brady (HLHS)
2012 Nebraska CMN Champion