Afternoon Update

Well good afternoon from Seattle Children's Hospital.  Things here continue to go well but as in any heart surgery, it is very intense, but at the same time we have to be patient and wait for Carla to heal on her own time.  They had to give her a couple of bolus injections to try to get her blood pressure up last night, which didn't work and that's why they started to pace her.  But, because of the bolus injections she has positive fluid intake (hasn't peed out all the liquid they have given her).  Therefore, we are not going to try to get her off the ventilator today and maybe not even tomorrow.  One thing I have learned (the hard way) is this:  Carla will heal at her own pace, DO NOT TRY TO RUSH IT, or you will be sorry.  

In this morning's rounds the docs ordered an echo to check out the new heart's function.  With transplant the right ventricle tends to need a little time to recover after having been put on ice and then in to a new body.  We probably won't know what the echo showed until tomorrow during rounds, but everyone keeps telling us that she is doing really well.  So, I am not worried.  Also, we are waiting on another test called a "Cross Match" test.  They basically took a piece of donor tissue, mixed it with Carla's blood and are waiting to see if there is a reaction.  A positive match would mean that Carla's body has the ability to fight off the new heart (and they would have to ramp up the anti-rejection drugs).  A negative match means that the body does not already have the ability to fight off the new organ.  We are praying for a negative cross match, but like the echo, we probably won't know about that test until tomorrow morning during rounds.  

Here are a couple of pictures...

Carla getting her echo, see how cute she is with her leg up :)

The first time we have seen her perfect new heart!  We are so blessed that our little Toot has a four chambered heart now!  And you should see it beat!  Oh my goodness, it has strength!  I can't wait to see how full of energy she is going to be!

Look at those pink tootsies!!!!
The picture of her feet are my personal favorite.  It is remarkable how beautifully pink they are!  And, how her veins are becoming less prominent... She is doing so well and we are so blessed.  Please keep our little Princess in your prayers!  

Thank you and God Bless!

Love, Jen

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