Well Hello there!

It's been a while... Things are well here and nothing much has changed.  So, there's not a whole lot to blog about...  Buuuuut, we did decide that we were going to try fancy pumpkin carvings this year! SO, after reading a web site, printing patterns, buying the proper tools AND pumpkins... we were on our way to fancy pumpkins.  The first one (Kermit the Frog) was a bust... but we learned from him and were able to be better pumpkin carvers for it.  I'll give you a little secret  we learned on You Tube ... if you scrape out the inside of the pumpkin until it is an inch or less thick, it is so much easier to carve...and looks better too!  Shhh...don't tell.

Right now Carla is lying next to me on the couch sleeping... she makes my heart happy.  

When  we were picking up Carla at the Ronald McDonald House today it dawned on me how many people I recognized from a year ago when I was there.  The fact of the matter is, so many people end up living at the Ronald McDonald House for years at a time!  We couldn't stay there, because of Carla's immune system/plastic bronchitis complications ... but ... can you imagine living with your whole family, sometimes 2 or 3 or more children a wife and husband in basically a hotel room where you can go downstairs to cook a meal in the communal kitchen area, for over a year!?  Horrible!  Carla and I stayed there for a little over a month and I was SO happy to get out of there!!  There is NO privacy, there are kids running wild everywhere (because the parents are either so heart sick over their sick child OR letting their kids get away with murder because they feel too sorry for them to discipline them) and it is just not conducive to long term living.  I will start praying extra hard for the people living long term at the Ronald McDonald House... it is such a blessing to have, and to be able to utilize, but long term living in a communal setting with the only private area being the size of a hotel room is just so difficult.  I don't even know how they do it.  

So anyway, here are some pictures from our  pumpkin carving adventures!  We still have one left to carve, but Bobby had to go to work, so he will finish that one tomorrow.  

Intently watching Daddy carve... (she took her dress off so it wouldn't get dirty)

Say cheese!

Working hard!


Three of our finished products :)  One more to go, but we are pretty proud of what we have accomplished so far :)
Love, Jen

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