Good News!

We got some good news this week!  Remember how I was stressed out about the fact that we had to find a new place to live at the end of December?  Well, I was...and my anxiety was making quite a return.  I contacted our social worker at the hospital and she in turn contacted the people who have let us live here and they agreed that there is still a need for us to be here, and that we can stay as long as we need to!  Huge relief!  1) We don't have to move (we love the neighborhood...it is blocks from both Seattle Children's and the Ronald McDonald House, where the bus picks Carla up for school);  2) Our rent here is discounted and trying to pay retail rent in this neighborhood would more than double what we are paying right now (we still have to pay on our mortgage at home too, so this is a huge relief); 3) We don't have to worry about bringing furniture here from Montana, or buying new to furnish a new apartment (because this one is furnished).  We are so incredibly grateful that with all the other stuff we are dealing with that we don't have to worry about this too.  It is pretty amazing the way the Lord provides through people.  Through this journey that is one thing that we have found to be absolutely true.   We have such an outpouring of love and support through this all and it never ceases to amaze me.  

In other news, I don't really have any other news... Things are good, life is good and we are happy.

Love, Jen  

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