Good Morning...

Good morning Sunday :)  Oh how I love Sunday.  The second day in a row I don't have to get up early, rush around, make sure Carla is fed, hair fixed, dressed, teeth brushed, meds given and to the bus by 8:10.  Carla is NOT what you would call a morning person... (a trait she did NOT get from me).  SO, on school days the alarm starts at 6:00 a.m., she has to have a good half an hour to an hour to wake up (thank you ipad & netflix).  I give her breakfast, which takes her a good half an hour or more to eat (this girl does NOT do rushing).  I fix her hair while she is eating and then slip the clothes on, brush the teeth, take meds, do inhalers grab backpack and run out the door.  Surprisingly, we have only come close to missing the bus once!

This morning Carla is lounging around in her robe & winter socks, watching Sleeping Beauty (her favorite Princess) eating Chinese food (her favorite food) and singing "I know you...." This is a much nicer way to spend the morning ;)

What's really funny is how spoiled we were with our first child.  He is a morning person who only got sick a handful of times throughout childhood.  And, even though he is one of the most stubborn human beings I know... he's got nothing on his sister ;)  We were so blessed to have such an easy  first born :)  Speaking of Cody... I miss him!  Thanksgiving is coming soon and I can't wait to see him, Bobby's folks and Thomas!  It's gonna be so fun!

I have to admit though, I'm not looking forward to Christmas without the family.  My folks are coming up for a visit in early December and since the Wrights are coming for Thanksgiving we will probably not have our family with us on Christmas :(  Weird.  Hopefully we will get to see the family we have here though.

Well, I suppose I should get going!  Thanks for checking in on us :)  Things right now are good and we are so happy that Carla is doing as well as she has been! I forgot to mention before but I spoke to the hospital after Carla's last visit (because the doctor hadn't had a chance to look at her echo before we spoke to him).  I called back and was told that Carla's echo looked good.  No real changes except that it looks like there is less blood popping off through the fenestration! Less blood popping off means less pressure!  High pressures is what causes Carla's Plastic Bronchitis SO this is wonderful news! :)

Love, Jen 

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