Good Morning...

Well good morning Sunday!  We made it through another week and it is officially our "free day" again.  So, guess what I'm making.???  A turkey dinner, that's what!  And, we found out this week that Cody, Thomas, Roger and Tammy will be here for Thanksgiving!  So, I'm feeling thankful :)  Since they are coming for Thanksgiving, we probably won't have them for Christmas, BUT, let's think about one holiday at a time.

Carla seems to be feeling a bit better this morning.  She has had a hard time getting back to 100% since she caught her cold.   But, no fevers, so we know she doesn't have an infection, just a hard time bouncing back. Plus, I think school in general takes it out of her.

On Friday we helped our dear friend, Beverly, say good bye to her precious kitty JD.  He was 17 and lived a good life, but wasn't doing well anymore.  Carla loved JD so much and we were pretty worried about telling her that he had passed.  But, yesterday I reminded her about how sick he had been and then told her that his body died but  his soul went to heaven.  She was a little sad, but then she was alright.  We will all miss JD, just as we miss our Missy Kitty and Grandma & Papa's Tessy Dog.  It's been a bad couple of years for pets in our family :(

Carla with JD

Carla with Missy Kitty...she used to follow us on our walks :)

Losing our pets can be heartbreaking,  but just like anything, if you love someone you open yourself up to the fact that you may be hurt...because nobody lives forever.  But, it's all worth it in the end because the love and the joy that you shared is worth the pain that you have to endure.

Love, Jen

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Melissa said...

I just want you to know that I think about you and Carla waiting in Seattle all the time. I hope you are not feeling forgotten. Thanks for the update. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!