Cardio Visit

We had a ridiculously long cardio visit yesterday but everything is looking good.  Carla is doing well and we will continue to stay the course.  Her O2s were between 84 and 89% with a heart rate at 112, her blood pressure was 87/49  and she has grown another centimeter...she is up to 103 centimeters (3'5").  Unfortunately, she has lost a pound, which we contribute to her being in school (not eating continually all day) and also running around, trying to keep up with the other kids.  We know she is fine but the doctors will be happier if she gains weight, so, we will encourage her to eat more.   We arrived at the hospital at 1:00 for an echo, by 1:45 we were waiting in the doctor's room and by 3:30 we actually saw the doctor.  I tell you what, Seattle Children's has a way of teaching patience.  Unfortunately, we were all starving by 2:00, so Bobby ran to the cafeteria and picked up sandwiches and chips, which we ate while we waited.  :) 

When we finally did get to see Dr. Law, he explained that there are new tests that may make finding Carla's perfect heart easier....it is quite complicated, but the long and the short of it is that technology is getting better at determining which antigens are going to be damaging to a cell that has an antibody it will attach to. Therefore making her high antigen level possibly less damaging to her ability to get a heart (because some of her antigens will not actually damage cells).  The new tests are just that "new" but honestly, the longer we wait here the better technology gets...  So, yay for waiting! And yay for technology!!!  We are super blessed to live in a time that these factors can all be considered in finding a perfect heart.  We are also blessed that Carla has been well enough for us to be picky about the heart she accepts.  Let's pray that she continues to do as well as she has been!

In other Carla news, she has been trying on new tricks that I'm sure she has picked up from other kids in Kindergarten.  She has been somewhat of a pill, and we are having the draw a line in the sand with her a lot lately ... it has been somewhat of a frustrating challenge, but I'm sure with time it will get better.  Example: when she hurts herself, she whines and cries a lot more than usual.  She cried and whined before her blood draw (which she never does, she is usually super brave and wants to watch the process... this time she was crying and being all dramatic).   She has also been a lot more divaish and demanding!  Usually she has such good manners and even though she has been somewhat spoiled, she has never been a brat before.  So, we have been correcting her behavior a lot lately, which lends to alligator tears of manipulation.  Like I said, she has been somewhat of a pill.  But, the good news about all this is that this is all "normal" behavior!  I would be a liar though if I didn't say that I am ready to have my more adult like 5 year old back.  :)  

Here are some pictures from the week!

Love, Jen

Bored, waiting at the doctor's office...

Carla's "adorable" pose. 

Carla's "sassy" pose :)

Tired after school the other day...

Da da da da da da da da circus da da da da da da da da afro, circus afro, circus afro, poka dot poka dot poka dot afro.   Yes, Carla got the new Madagascar 3 movie on Tuesday :)

Checking out the fall colors at our apartment.  

I continue to be amazed by all the different colors of fall here in Seattle.  :)  

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