A little this and that...

Carla is doing well, she had a cold but seems to be getting better. She has been kind of tired after school, but I am hoping that is normal.

Bobby and I have been looking around for rentals in our area, knowing that after December we are going to have to move to a new apartment... it really sucks because we like where we are (so conveniently close to the hospital), but are understanding of the situation.  Our housing has always been a temporary situation, specifically for people dealing with kids that have cancer.  Having been here a year at the end of December we understand that they want to help other families.  But at the same time, we are still stuck here.  We still have a mortgage at home too, and having the discounted rent here has been a huge relief.  We are hoping to find something similar, but rent in this area seems to be extremely high.  We are somewhat stressed out, but also confident that the Lord will provide.  It is nerve wracking, but I'm sure things will work out.

As far as Carla's antibodies go, they are pretty much he same has they have been... Unfortunately, her "unacceptable antibodies" cannot be changed on her heart listing, so, we continue to wait... knowing that the way she is listed excludes 70% of donors available to her.  So now, more than ever, we are reminded that this is all about the Lord's plan.  Our will or our impatience has nothing to do with the greater plan.  It's unfortunate 

Here's to hoping Carla stays well !

Love, Jen

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The Luke Family said...

Praying for the family of Carla's perfect heart to make that hard decision to give the ultimate gift in their time of grief. Praying for the Lord to see that this might just be the time for Carla to get her perfectly matched whole heart. Praying for your whole family..