The Space Needle

Yesterday we decided to take an impromptu trip to the Space Needle!  Carla has been wanting to go all summer, but we didn't want to go during the peek tourist season, so waited until September.  It was still busy.  Luckily, we haven't hit cold and flu season yet, but pretty soon we are going to have to start being all too careful again.

Here is what the Space Needle looks like from the bottom.

 Here is the free picture they took of us before we got on the elevators.

Bobby and I on the top.  
 Carla and Bobby at the top
Carla and I on the top. 

 Carla had to look in each and every telescope all around the observation deck.  She thought this to be very cool.  

 The Ferris Wheel on the sound is right next door to Bobby's work.   

 Here, you can control a camera's view of the city.  
 Back down on the ground again, Carla was pretty tuckered out and hungry...Her absolute favorite thing to eat is corn on the cob...we were able to find a vendor and couldn't resist.  
1 corn cob + 1 bottle of water = 7 dollars!    
But, she enjoyed every bite!

Love, Jen

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