The Honeymoon is over...

Well, the honeymoon is over and Carla's sadness about not being with Mom and Dad all day is setting in.  She has never been away from us for more than an hour or two at a time, unless she was with one of her Grandparents.  So, reality is setting in and she has had a hard couple of days.  The Hutch School has been really good about helping her through her sadness, as well as keeping us up to date with what is going on,  so that's been nice.  We thought we had dodged a bullet when she was so excited to start school and wouldn't even let us ride the bus with her the first day, but now that the excitement has worn off, she is ready to go back to her old comfortable shoe, i.e. I want my Mommy!!! Yes, I just compared myself too an old shoe ;)  I'm sure she will get through this, just as her brother before her did.  And just as all kids do.  

Here she is on the second day of school, all excited and ready to take on the world!

Friday night sillies!  

We actually took these pictures to text to her Daddy when he was at work Friday night. 

Pretending to be dead... check out that long Gene Simmons tongue 

Sunday morning we had another wedding.   This time she married Mickey Mouse.  Apparently, he and Minnie had broken up and Carla knows a good mouse when she sees one! ;)

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cici said...

I remember having that problem when I started School. I wanted to go so badly like my sister did, but I always thought something better was happening at home that I was missing out on and that my Mom missed me so much. I worried about her.
Funny how kids think.
Teachers and friends can sometimes not be as sweet and understanding as Mom.
Hope each day gets better for her.