Date Night!

Friday night we met up with a couple of our favorite people from home and had dinner at the Space Needle.  It was super fun and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. And, while we were having our grown up dinner date, Carla and Grandma Bev were having a date as well!  They went to Applebee's and to Target and Bev spoiled Carla with a new Sleeping Beauty castle and tiny figurine.  All in all, our dates were successful!  

 Our night started at the Tap House in downtown Seattle.  The Tap House has 160 beers on tap!  We tried out a couple...
 After drinks at the Tap House we took a taxi to the Space Needle and had a fancy dinner with the best views a person could ask for.  Thank you to Chad and Melissa for the lovely dinner!

 Sunset at the Needle...
 The view is ever changing, because the restaurant rotates!

 After dinner we went up on the observation deck.  It was Chad's first time at the Space Needle. The city sure is beautiful at night!

In other news, Carla is doing better with school!  Friday was a day of no tears and today was like a piece of cake for her.  She is getting used to the new routine and we are very excited that she is adjusting so well and is happy to see her friends, go to school and learn.  This week will be a little out of sorts, because she has a Cardio appointment Wednesday at 8:20 and then a Pulmonologist appointment Friday at 11:10.  Thursday her school is going to the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, but there will be a lot of other kids too, so Carla can't go.  We don't want to risk her catching a cold, as we are getting back into that season.  Is it already that time again!  :(  Boo!  We had such a fun summer, and even were able to take a super fast trip home.  Now it is back to business.  We hope and pray she stays as healthy as she has been since the end of March!  We have been so blessed!

Love, Jen

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