A trip home...

We got a call the other day from the hospital and we were advised that from Friday at 5:00 until Wednesday morning they were going to have to take Carla off the transplant list, because there would not be enough surgeons to do a transplant.  Having this break from transplant awarded us the opportunity to throw Carla and a bunch of stuff in the car and hit the road back to Montana. 

We had to wait until Friday at 2:00 before we could leave, in the off chance we would get "the call" that morning and be too far away.  So, at 2:00 Friday afternoon we (and every other person in the Seattle area) hit the road!  We made it to Cascade by 2:00 a.m. and stayed up until 5:15 visiting Bobby's folks. Bobby's Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle were the first people we got to visit Saturday at noon.  After lunch with the fam we made our way down the road to visit our home.  It was nice to be home, if only for a short while.  We relaxed, played and gathered a few more things to bring back to Seattle.  After visiting home Bobby and I made our way to Great Falls so that we could buy some Taco Treat hot sauce, and then visited his work for a few.  After all our visiting, we ended up about half an hour late for dinner with Bobby's Aunts and Uncle and so when we returned we only got to visit them for a very short while.  After dinner, we headed over to the girls Volleyball game and got to see a few of our favorite town folks.  After volleyball we had drinks with friends, and then finally back to bed!  Saturday morning we visited Bobby's folks for an hour and a half or so and then after making a much needed stop at the local store for local sausage, and JO JOs, we were off to Helena for our 12:00 lunch gathering, which we were subsequently also half an hour late for!   Sue put together a nice spread and we were able to visit and enjoy ourselves.  Jenny and Morgan came, and Carla was so excited to see Morgan that she said she was going to "Burst!"  It was so nice :)  After lunch we were off again!  This time to Bozeman for dinner with Cody and Thomas!  We met them at Toms, got some dinner and then toured the MSU campus and saw Cody's dorm.  It was so nice to see "the boys" in their own element.  It was cool and they both look so good!  Sure do love those boys :)  After our visit with Cody and Thomas we were back to Helena for sleepy time. Bright and early Monday we said goodbye to Dad & Sue, packed up the car and were off to our friend Katy's house for breakfast!  We visited for a little over an hour and then had to say our goodbyes.  We made a quick stop at the grocery store, got gas, swung by for one last hug from Morgan and Jenny and then hit the road back to Sea town.  Holy whirlwind vacation home!  But, we had to make it back so that Carla could start her first day of Kindergarten today!!! (I will give Kindergarten it's own post later on).  

We were so blessed to have been able to go home for a couple of days, but had to jam a weeks worth of visiting into 2 days!  It was a lot of driving, but well worth every mile!

Sure do love our friends and family!!!

Love, Jen

On the road :)

The beautiful veil that Aunt Punk made.  Carla LOVES it.  

Us, with Bobby's Grandpa Wright.

Here we are with Bobby's folks, Grandpa & Uncle Rich.  

Carla loves her Grandma.

Hugging Great Papa :)

Bobby and Carla, laxing on our comfortable couch.

Home sweet home. 

Sitting in my favorite chair :)

Hugging on Terri after the Volleyball game. 

Hugging on Darby after the Volleyball game.  

Carla and Morgan, being helpful.

Laughing with my best friend. 

Us girls.  

Four Generations of Morgans.

Still four generations, but this one includes my brother, Andy.

More Morgans ;)

Wrights & Morgans...

Carla with her best friend.  

So sweet.

Carla and her big brother, Cody.

Bobby & his little brother, Thomas. 

Katy and I. 

Carla with Katy's youngest, Drew.

These two are ADORABLE!

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