A little update

So, things seem to be alright around here, but Carla did catch a tiny little head cold :(  She seems fine other than she complained of a sore throat yesterday and then today she has a runny nose and has sneezed a bunch.  We kept her home from school, because that is part of what makes the Hutch School so awesome.  We don't send our kids to school sick to contaminate others.  Yay us!  Maybe she will feel better by tomorrow, but we will figure that out tomorrow.

Yesterday, before Carla complained of a sore throat, we treated ourselves to a Sunday morning breakfast at a place called Patty's Eggnest.  Bobby and I split the chicken fried steak and Carla had a kids breakfast that was portioned for an adult. Check out the food...
Remember, this is a split meal!

Carla with her "kids breakfast"
The place was pretty popular but we were lucky enough to get a table in the corner that no one else was very close to :)

So, why were we treating ourselves to a breakfast out and even more weird, taking pictures of food?  Well, Bobby and I have been on (what we affectionately refer to as) The pain train.  Basically we have gotten back into Body for Life.  Which means working out 6 days a week, eating small and low bad fat meals 5ish times a day and on the 7th day you get to relax and eat whatever you want.  We joined the gym just down the road from our apartment and we go there after we drop Carla off in the mornings.  We both have quite a ways to go before we are back to where we want to be, but it feels good to be proactive.  Our free day yesterday nearly killed me off, so next Sunday we need to eat less fat.  I was pretty ill yesterday afternoon and evening.

Bobby and I discovered Body for Life back in 2001, I have pretty much always maintained my weight with the skills Body for Life taught me, but as of the last 10 months or so we just pretty much let ourselves go while focusing on other things and using food to fill the void that was lack of control of our lives.  The good news is that so long as you are alive, you can always decide to make a change.  So, here we go again.  I am proud of us :)  

Carla's Cardio appointment on Wednesday went just fine.  No changes and everything is fine.  Carla really wanted to go to school on Friday, so we rescheduled her Pulmonary appointment.  It was just going to be one of those appointments where everything is fine, nothing changes and basically it's a huge waste of time.  So, we can do it another day.  I got an e-mail from the transplant coordinators on Thursday and found out that they are going to try to have her do synagis shots again this year (pending insurance approval).  This news breaks my heart a little because the shots are so incredibly painful and last year after her last shot the nurse said that Carla was too old to qualify for them ever again.  We in turn told Carla that she would never have to have another synagis shot. I feel bad for telling her that and now she may have to do them again...  I'm not going to mention anything to her until we hear whether the insurance company approves payment or not.

Please pray Carla gets her new heart soon...

Love, Jen

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