This, that and a Cardio update.

Things remain pretty much unchanged.  We have been trying to stay cool the last couple of days, because it has been in the high 80s, low 90s and extremely unbearable here.  The wet heat is definitely different than the dry heat of Montana.  Also, having central air in Montana makes the heat a lot more bearable as well! ;)  The last couple of days I don't dare turn the stove on for dinner...  So deli chicken from the grocery store has been about as fancy as I've gotten.  We have also had a couple visits from the Orkin man, as we have had some spider issues.  The Orkin guy said that it is spider season...why yes, that seems to be true.  Bobby killed a spider the size of a baseball strolling through our kitchen/dining room hall area last Wednesday and so we were sold on spending money to kill the bugs!  Bruce, our Orkin man, came last Friday and then again today.  Carla loves Bruce (as she does most people) and uses him as her private audience.  He is a good sport about it, which is really nice.  Bruce said there are definitely A LOT of spiders outside our apartment and that he did a big treatment for them.  He also was nice enough to spray around where my car is, because I am next to a rock wall and trees and every time I get in my car I have to dodge the spiders/webs that are all over my car!  You have no idea how badly this makes me want to freak out!  Oh how I miss my garage!  Funny how living out of your element makes you realize the things that you so love about your element!

This week, on Wednesday, we decided to push our luck a little bit and drive to the ocean.  We were only half an hour further from Seattle than we are supposed to be, and we had a signal on our phone, so we felt alright about bending the rules a little bit.... we are so naughty!  The result was a beautiful day together, and a much needed couple of hours at the ocean.  On our way home we had dinner at Aberdeen (Kurt Cobain's home town) and then made our way home.  We were showering by 10:15p.m. and Carla had so much sand in every nook and cranny of her body!  After a full shower I found that her ears still had sand in them!  Could it have been the sand angels she was making in the sand?  Or maybe it was the sand swimming she was doing????  Hmmm... I don't know which, but she was one sandy little Nukum! 

Today we had a 9:00 a.m. echo and cardio appointment.  Carla's echo remains the same and she is continuing to grow and grow.  This month she is 102.5 cm (40.35 inches) and 16.8 km (37.04 lbs)  her pulse ox clocked her oxygen levels between 84 and 85% and her lungs sound "crystal clear".  We couldn't  ask for better news.  I just pray that she remains this healthy as she starts school in two and a half weeks.  Preschool has always resulted in life flights and hospital stays, but we are hoping that since the Hutch School is more illness aware, that Kindergarten will be different.  We can only hope and pray... but I feel optimistic   

In Cody news, his last day of work is Monday and he will be venturing off to college on Tuesday!  We are so proud of him and love him so much.  We hope his life is nothing less than amazing!  It is an awesome feeling to be so entirely proud of the son you have raised.  Through all the trials and tribulations over the years, wondering if he was listening ... and then finally realizing that he was listening all along, and that you have done a good job, is totally awesome.  Being here for transplant we are missing out on the moment.. you know,  the moment where he packs his car and drives away to college.   But we can at least experience the pride of knowing that we have done our job well, and not only be proud of  Cody, but be proud of ourselves.  Because we were but children raising a child ... Bobby and Angie had Cody when Bobby was 18 and I had just turned 21 when I jumped into full time motherhood.  I am so blessed to have had such amazing parents to help me be the Mom that Cody needed me to be.  Couldn't feel more blessed.  

Love, Jen

Wearing the shades Grandma Bev got her. 
Eating a S'more.  

Carla on my lap...

We are silly

Super silly at that...

Carla and her Daddy, checking out the ocean.

There is nothing more amazing than the ocean...

Carla was SO excited!

Excited about the ocean.

After getting soaked by a wave, she gets in her swim suit and goes out for more!

Walking up to the car to get our stuff.

Our shadows...

Our little angel, making a sand angel :)  So sweet!

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