The Everett Children's Museum, An Antibody Update and a Haircut!

On Bobby's days off we have been trying to adventure out a little bit.  This Wednesday we decided to try out the Children's Museum in Everett.  We had heard good things about it and also wanted to check out Everett, so we made our way about 30 miles north and were not disappointed.  The Children's Museum was nothing short of awesome (in it's true sense of the word) and it was a beautiful day for a drive.  We enjoyed ourselves a lot!  

Yesterday Carla and I made our way about 30 miles south, for her to get a haircut and visit our friend Beverly.  Carla's hair looks super cute and we had a nice visit with Beverly.  It's always such a treat to spend time with her :)  

Yesterday morning I spoke to the hospital about Carla's last antibody blood draw.  Apparently her Class 2 antibodies have dropped in half, but none of her "unacceptables" have changed, so we can't change the way she is listed.  But, even though it doesn't really change anything with the listing it is still good to hear that they are coming down.  I guess it just makes me feel like Carla is doing well...because they sky rocketed up when she was very ill.  

In Cody news, he called us earlier today to let us know that he was going to Walmart to get a scented candle.  Apparently the dorm STINKS!  We thought that to be super funny!  He starts classes on Monday and seems to be very excited about the whole thing.  I am making arrangements to come up fr the parent weekend in October, so I am excited about that!  I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to pull it off, but I think I will probably fly in and out of Helena, since my Dad & Sue are in Helena.  I'm not even sure if I will make it home to visit my house...but without my family there, that's not really important.  I'm still trying to iron out the details...but I am excited for the trip.  

We are registering Carla  and meeting her teacher next Wednesday!  She starts Kindergarten the Wednesday after that!  I am excited and nervous about sending her to be around other kids.  But, we will try it out and pray to God she stays healthy.  

Love, Jen

The piano floor...

The giant slide on the rooftop!  Yes, Carla climbed all those stairs several times to experience that slide!

That was so fun!

Captain Carla is on deck!

Another cool slide. 

A picture to show off part of the rooftop. 

Giant wooden xylophone!

Playing a cool drum.

Water play with Daddy!

This was pretty cool :)

If you look at the ceiling, you can see all the tubing...this Control Tower exhibit was cool because you stick a ping pong ball in the tube and then watch it get sucked up and all around and then it drops in the little Plinko box close to Carla.  Very cool!  Also the airplane was neat!

The construction room.

As we were leaving Carla had to adopt a puppy.  Her name is Helda.  

She loves her new pupper :)

Carla, checking out her new do!

She seems to like it!

As do we!  Thanks Brenda!

Brenda gave her this sucker after the cut!  Carla loved it!

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