The end of August...

So, today marks the last day of August... I can't believe Christmas is in 4 months!  I also can't believe we have been here in Seattle for 9 months, and are still waiting for a heart.  I honestly thought that we would get listed, get the "call" in December and hoped to be home in April for Carla's 5th birthday and  starting school in Cascade.  Well, goes to show you what I know!  Still waiting and we are excitedly starting Kindergarten at the Hutch School in Seattle.

Carla met her teacher on Wednesday and I think she is ready to rock! Her teacher seems very nice and we are looking forward to Carla having this opportunity!  We were told that we can come to the first day of school, but Carla wants to go alone.  She is just so brave, and so independent!  We may have to go, just to make sure that everything is alright, but I'm not sure if she will let us!  Her new favorite catch phrase is "I'll do it myself!"  Unless, it's wiping her butt!  I told her yesterday that she needed to wipe her own bottom, because I can't do it for her when she is in Kindergarten and she honestly responded with:  "I know how to wipe myself, you taught me how, I just want you to do it."     ...

I haven't taken any pictures this week but, Carla is well and we are doing great in general!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, Jen

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