Our boy is going off to college...

Well, Cody packed his car, said goodbye to his grandparents and headed down the road to Bozeman Monday afternoon.  He's going to be attending the Montana State University and we are SO PROUD and HAPPY for him.  This is the beginning of him being independent in every sense of the word.  We are so excited for all the new adventures and milestones that he will be undertaking!  It is so hard to believe that we have made it to this point in our lives.  And, had we not had Carla, we would be 37 year old empty nesters. Oh the dreams we had of traveling around and it all being about us...  That was always the plan anyway, but God has a way of disrupting OUR plans!  We won't be those foot loose and fancy free empty nesters for another 13 years or so!  So, what did we know! Obviously nothing :)  But, this isn't about us, it's about Cody!  We hope that he enjoys college, gets a great education and makes smart decisions that will set him up for a successful and happy future.  Words cannot express how much we love this boy, and how he will still always be our baby :)  Love you Cody Bear!  

Hugging Grandma goodbye.

Hugging Papa goodbye.

Getting ready!

And off he goes...

And then there were none... 
And now Cody's Grandparents Wright will be empty nesters once again.  We have been so fortunate to have them 2 blocks from our home, taking care of our boy, tending to our lawn and home for us.  It has been a huge burden off our shoulders, knowing that our son has been taken care of. So, thanks Mom & Dad we appreciate everything you have been and continue to do for us.  (Including taking these pictures... it has been heartbreaking to miss these last 8 months at home with Cody, but having him with you has made it a little easier).

Love, Jen

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cici said...

Awww those hugs bring tears to my eyes. It is so hard to let them try out their wings with no one watching. What wonderful parents you have to take over in your absence. Cody must have been a real bright spot in their days.
I hope you are doing well waiting and waitng so far away. A Prayer for things to speed along and Carla's health.