My Birthday Week...

So, my Dad & Sue have been here since Tuesday and we have been adventuring around and celebrating my birthday!  Yay!  Wednesday we woke up and shortly thereafter realized the construction work outside just took our power... we did have a note on the door a few days prior, but I had forgotten about it.  So, we hurried and took showers by the light of a flashlight and made our way out to get some breakfast.  We ended up at Denny's and then afterwards decided to take a drive up to check out Gig Harbor.  We found a state park, took a hike and then found the water.  It was a lot of fun!  Afterwards on the way home we got stuck in a serious traffic jam, but did make it home in time to curl my hair, throw on some nice duds and make Bobby and my birthday reservations down by Pike's Place!  We had such a nice dinner and night out together and Carla and my folks had a fun date night of their own!

Yesterday was my actual birthday and we had a terrific day!  Sue and I went shopping and then met up with the rest of the family, had lunch at the Ram (first time ever) went shopping for dinner fixings and came home in a lethargic glaze.  Bobby got ready for work and then the rest of us somehow ate a ham dinner (my favorite).  After dinner we took a 2ish mile walk and the weather was perfect!  After our walk we had strawberry shortcake (also my favorite) and went to bed shortly thereafter.  It was a perfect Birthday, other than Bobby having to go to work in the evening.   

Today we were hoping to see the airshow, but didn't want to venture into the crowds...  So, we packed a picnic lunch and ventured out to Laurlhurst park.  Such a nice park!  We didn't think we would be able to see the airshow, but at least we could have a picnic in the shade and Carla could play.  But, we actually were able to see some of the show, so that was pretty exciting!  Carla got super hot and crabby, and it was time to come home, do her shake and take her meds.  Bobby had to get ready for work and Dad & Sue went to church.  I made dinner and we are now hanging out, watching the Muppet Movie. 

Here's to two more nice days with my folks before they have to head home on Tuesday.  

Love, Jen

Carla at Gig Harbor

Bobby & I at Gig Harbor

Carla & Grandpa

The tide was out (because of the moon) and there were volunteers who had collected sea life to educate  us ...Here are some sea stars. 

Here I am throwing a sand dollar back in the water because he was looking pretty dry, but still alive.

Carla & Grandma

Sea Star

Carla, still being packed around by Grandpa, Bobby & I :)

Carla & her Grandparents on a cool fallen tree.

The four of us on that same tree.

Our little Wright family, minus one.


Carla and Grandpa, exploring...

Carla & Grandma, with their feet in the water.

Carla & Grandma

Carla & Grandpa

Bobby, on the tree...

And she is spent.... 

Getting ready for our date :)

Carla had to get in on the action.  

After dinner, adventuring around with Bobby

Just the two of us.

Bobby & Carla at my Birthday lunch. 

Carla & I at my birthday lunch. 

Carla & her grandparents, eating ice cream!

Just being silly

My handsome Hubband :)

Carla with her  balloon from the Ram.  She lost it shortly after this picture, cried HUGE alligator tears and got a new balloon at QFC shortly thereafter.... Daddy just couldn't take the tears.
 Today Carla put on school clothes fashion show with the outfits Grandma Sue bought her yesterday!
A super cute dress 

Adorable shirt & black leggings.

Super cute  dress & leggings. 

Another cute shirt & leggings 

And for the grand finally, HELLO KITTY!  
We picked up a couple of other dresses the other day ...and Grandma Wright brought her a couple of outfits too, so I'm hoping she is set for school to start!  Woo hoo!!

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