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Hello!  Not a lot going on here, just hanging out in Sea Town and relaxing a little bit.  We pretty much had company for a month or so straight, so now we are just kind of laying low and relaxing.  Tuesday we visited Bev and Thursday we went grocery shopping.  I've been working out every day, eating small and often, keeping my calories around 1200 and hoping to get the 20 pounds I've gained since January off.  It's funny to me how easy it is to gain weight, and what a pain it is to lose it!  Funny thing for me is that I have never been one to really gain weight.  I maintain my weight well, and have always been able to lose it somewhat easily with working out and eating healthy.  But, I have always had pretty good eating habits as well.  I don't regularly eat candy, cookies, or cakes, and pretty much stay away from fatty foods (mostly because they make me sick to my stomach).  Since being here though I think I have eaten out more, drank more and had something always going on that involves food more.  And, if I don't have something going on that involves food, I go ahead and junk out on chips and cheese, trying out new high calorie beers, pizza joints, etc., just because I feel  like it, and I deserve it, right?  It's pretty hard to deny yourself something you want when you have already had your whole life taken away from you.  So, I have used it as an excuse to feed my need for comfort...literally. The good news is that I am over it!  I am enjoying working out, instead of "having" to do it, I am doing it!  I feel great and I am happy!  I downloaded a really cool App called 'MyFitnessPal' on my phone .  I can scan the bar code of a food, punch in the servings and it helps me keep track of what I eat, calories, sodium, fat, protein, carbs, vitamins, etc.  Pretty cool, and it also keeps me more 'in line'.  Sometimes we don't even really understand that what we are eating is WAY TOO MUCH, mostly because we are not paying attention.

Now, on to deeper subjects.  A couple of kids from home got into a terrible car accident Thursday morning... One is in a coma and the other I haven't heard a lot about, except that his leg is broken and that he had to have surgery. I am praying so hard for both of them and their families and I am hoping that this tragedy will be one in which the kids at home can learn from.  The paper says 'alcohol was a factor in the accident'.  It is so upsetting to me that every time I pick up the computer and read the news in Montana , I see another article about someone who either died or killed someone else while driving drunk.  It is heart breaking and I don't understand why a person would get in a car and drive while they are SO unable to do so.  I read about a driver near Missoula who was so intoxicated he was driving down the wrong side of the highway and ended up killing an 8 year old boy, himself, as well as critically injuring a father and also injuring a mother and daughter.  So, here I say,  PEOPLE!  Listen to your Mothers and Fathers!  I'm sure they told you not to drink and drive, I'm sure they told you not to get into a car with someone who's been drinking and driving!  I'm sure you know it is not the right thing to do!  So PLEASE, listen to your Mothers and Fathers they are not telling you not to get in a car with someone intoxicated to damper your fun!  They are trying to keep you alive and well!  They love you!  And, it is not against the law to put a damper on your fun!  It is terribly dangerous and breaks so many lives.  Don't do it!

And, having said that, I am terribly disappointed in the State of Montana for being so lax on drinking and driving laws.  Montana ranks third for number of alcohol related traffic fatalities per capita, yet, it takes four DUIs to get a felony!  Four!!!  Do you have any idea how many times a person drinks and drives without getting caught before they finally get even ONE DUI.  I can't even imagine how many times a person has to drive drunk to get four DUIs.  I'm thinking probably a butt load of times.  And, that means they put everyone else, plus themselves, in jeopardy that many times before they get more than a slap on the wrist.  It has to stop.  People need to be more fearful of the consequences!  The laws in Montana have got to get more strict.  For crying out loud, until just a few years ago it was totally legal to drink on the highway in Montana, so long as you weren't over the legal limit.  I knew people in my youth who would pick up a six pack and hit the road for a 100 mile road trip!  So, I do know that part of the problem here is the culture.

Ok, enough of that rant...these are the things that I think about in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

I have gotten long in the tooth here, so have to run!

Love, Jen

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Gwen Harrod said...

I can really connect with some of the things you were saying, and I really loved the poems on the right side of your blog. In fact, I copied the one about having half a heart and sent it out to friends on Facebook. Thank you! I hope you visit me at irishgwen.com and read my blog :)