We have been having a really fun couple of days visiting with Bobby's folks and little brother!  They arrived around midnight on Tuesday and have to leave tomorrow, so, it is a short visit... But so nice to have family in the house.  Carla hasn't seen her Papa or Uncle Tom since Christmas and hasn't seen her Grandma since March.  So, this visit has been a long time coming!  Mostly our activities have involved, cooking, eating, talking really loud over each other, laughing, watching movies, talking big, staying up late, and just having a good old fashion Wright Family time. The only thing missing is Cody, so that he and Thomas can bicker and pick on each other! LOL! But, they will be in Bozeman together in a little less than a month, so they will have plenty of time for that.

Mom & Dad brought Carla the CUTEST LITTLE PINK Little Tikes kitchen, utensils and chef outfit, and Carla has been having a grand ol time whipping up all kinds of water pies, cakes and soups.  Super fun.    I am sending pictures from my phone, so hopefully they will end up right after this post :)  I think I hear Carla stirring around, so have to run.  Just wanted to check in and say "We are still alive, happy and enjoying company!"  and Carla is doing great :)

Love, Jen

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