Feeling better :)

Ok, so, I'm feeling more like my optimistic, positive self again.  Thank God.  Things are going well and we have been busy for the past couple of days.  On Monday Bobby worked all day...so, Carla and I did some running around.  First we went to the hospital and had her blood drawn, for her monthly antibody labs...they didn't have the test ordered in the computer so we ended up walking down to cardiology, visiting with them for a couple minutes, going to the pharmacy and picking up meds and then back up to the blood draw section and having the blood drawn.  One really great thing about Seattle Children's is Hector.  He is the master phlebotomist who never has to do more than one poke.  You have no idea how much easier life is with a good phlebotomist.  We make sure and tell Hector every time we see him what a rock star he is and how much we appreciate him.  He now knows Carla by name and face and is always impressed with how smart and brave she is.  Most kids cry...not Carla, especially not with Hector.  I am so thankful for Hector.  When we went to talk to Cardiology, Carla had them rolling.  Here she is, in her pretty summer dress, appearing at their door and telling them they didn't order the test they needed, so she couldn't get her arm poke.  As she's telling them her arms are flailing about and finally end up on her hips.  She had them in stitches.  

After the hospital adventure we made our way to McDonalds, for the after poke chicken nuggets & fries reward, and then off to Mathews Park to feed the ducks,  play on the equipment AND eat ice cream from an ice cream truck (for the first time).  I actually sent the ice cream shots to the blog from my phone on Monday while we were at the park.   After the park it was home to take meds, a quick nap and then finally to Sam's Club for a few necessities.  

Tuesday we visited the Hutch School, where Carla will be attending Kindergarten starting September 4th!  She is super excited about Kindergarten and we are super excited about her actually having the opportunity to attend Kindergarten!  The school is accredited, but specifically for the patients and family members of patients relocated to Seattle for cancer treatments or transplants.  What an absolute blessing it is to have a school like this here for us!  Carla's class will be K-3 and she will be one of three or four Kindergarten students.  The school provides home made hot lunches every day, goes on a lot of field trips and looks like it is going to be a lot of fun for Carla.  She is counting down the days until school starts.  

Yesterday we had our monthly cardio visit and Carla is doing well.  Her lungs sound great and we are basically staying the course.  After her appointment we drove up to Puyallup to see my best friend Jenny's daughter, Morgan.  Morgan is staying with her Daddy in Washington until Sunday and we wanted to make sure the girls got a chance to see each other while she was here.  We took Morgan to lunch at Red Robin and the girls had a great visit.  Morgan is about 3 1/2 years older than Carla, but she is really great with her.  They played well together for quite a long time and when it was time to go Carla cried.  She loves her Morgie and wants to come and spend the night with her back in Montana when we get home.  I'm sure we can arrange that :)  

We have been talking to Cody daily and he is in get ready for school mode.  Both yesterday and today he was shopping around for deals, so that he can get everything he needs for the dorm.  He was having a little trouble parting with the cash involved, but I made sure to remind him what being an adult entails.  His car needs brakes and he is not to thrilled about doling out the cash for that either.  But, such is life and such is adulthood.  Now that he is embarking on this new journey, he is starting to really "get" all the things we were teaching him the last few years and would really like to hit the rewind button to a time when Mommy and Daddy took care of all that stuff.  :)  It's fun watching him go through this stuff :)  He's going to be a fine man :)

Anyway, I had better run!  Take care and God Bless!


Carla and Morgan at Red Robin yesterday.  They were so super cute :)

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