Some good news!

Good news is always such a treat, so I thought I should share!  On Wednesday when we went to Carla's regular monthly cardio visit we found out a couple of things.  1) she is 36.6 pounds, 3'4", her blood pressure is at 90/49 and her oxygen sats were between 79 and 81%.  So, she is doing fine.  2) her lungs sound good; AND 3) there is a special school for kids whose immune system has been compromised and are here for treatments at Seattle Children's Hospital.  It is called the Hutch School. It is mainly for kids with cancer.  They pick up and drop off the kids daily at the Ronald McDonald House and screen for illness (so that there aren't colds being spread around).  It is a K-12 accredited school and when your child is sick they have a tutor who will come to the hospital and give personal lessons, so that your child doesn't miss her education!  

You have no idea what a relief this is to us!  I was looking in to home schooling, but I feel like school is such and important step in a child's life and Carla NEEDS and WANTS to be around other kids so badly.  Her whole life we have had to be so careful with her.  Before she had her 3 surgeries we pretty much didn't take her out  in public very often, and were super careful about washing hands, etc.  And then after she had her last surgery she started with the coughing, so we once again were secluding her from normal activities.  We always kind of clung to the idea that life would get more normal after the Fontan.  But, it only got worse.  And every time we tried to send her to preschool, she ended up in the hospital.  The last time with RSV and 9 weeks of near death experiences.  So, the idea of her missing out on yet another huge milestone that normal kids do, was extremely depressing.   Plus, I think she would learn better from an outside source.   So, this is extremely good news and we are excited!  

Doing her preschool work. 

At the park the other day. 

Swinging.  She is getting so brave on the swings lately :)

Walking the tight rope!

Yesterday down in Seattle.  We had a nice lunch and did some tourist stuff, it was fun :)

Love, Jen 


Sue Peterson said...

Yeah for good news! She looks wonderful. So happy she will get to do some "normal" things!

The Simmons Family said...

That is so exciting!! HUGE news!! I'm thrilled for Carla. Glad she continues to remain stable. :)