It's another gloomy day in Seattle, but we did have a little sun yesterday, SO Carla and I walked to the hospital to pick up her medicine.  We were happily surprised to see a whole new set of blooming flowers around here!  The beginning of spring was so gorgeous and then most of the flowers died off.  We weren't  expecting  a whole new set, so that was quite a treat.  Carla loves her flowers; and her walks.   I love taking pictures of her as she goes on these walks :)

Across the street from our apartment.

In the neighbor's yard.

Carla walking...she would RUN, sit down and rest;  then walk a little bit, followed by  RUNNING until she was breathing super hard again.  I continue to wonder how much energy she is going to have with a whole heart.  She really does try to be full of  P&V, but she is only half full :)  

Another really cool flowering tree that I have never seen anything like before.  

She wanted to take this home with us...but we decided to leave them alone and let them live.

A really interesting flower, and berries, by the hospital.  

Taking time to smell the flowers outside of the hospital.  She said they smelled like pepper.  

Me, being silly.

A picture of Carla with her Daddy on Father's Day :)
Last week, feeding the ducks.

I was pretty surprised at how close they get to you...and look at the babies in the water.  

Feeding the ducks. 
The other week at Bev's.  She brought these glow sticks home from work and we had  A LOT of fun with them :)  
As far as life in general goes, we did have some good news a the beginning of this month.  When we moved in to our apartment here, it was a 6 month deal, but when I called in June, I was told that we can extend through September and if things change for us they are willing to work with us.  Being so close to the hospital is such a blessing.  And, being able to rent this mostly furnished apartment at a discounted rate has made life a lot easier.  If we had to relocate it would be an HUGE, EXPENSIVE, PAIN.  So, getting to stay here hopefully until we can go home is the big hope, and I'm thinking they will let us do that.  I don't know if you remember, when we first moved in here... it was because Carla being exposed to so many kids (and colds) at the Ronald McDonald House had flared up her Plastic Bronchitis.  And, the Ronald McDonald apartments are only for bone marrow transplant patients.  I contacted the hospital social worker and she was able to find this place.  It is owned by a property management company whose owner's child had had cancer.  Knowing that people have to relocate to be close to the hospital for treatments, they set up these 2 apartments for people who are relocating for cancer.  We explained how Carla's condition is just as deadly as cancer and how we are waiting for a heart, and they made the exception to let us live here.  It was a blessing that could have saved her life.  Because, getting RSV is what almost killed Carla last year.  We needed so badly to be away from people.  Pretty amazing how the Lord provides. 

I hope you have a great day! 

Love, Jen

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