Great Aunt Bernie

Last Sunday my sweet Great Aunt Bernie made her way Home, to the Lord.  She was 90 years old.  Aunt Bernie was a thoughtful and calm little lady.  She was a living example of "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  As you could never hear her saying negative things about anyone.  She never missed a birthday and if there was a party she was usually there.  Her calm made Carla instantly love her and Carla was always going up to her...maybe she could sense her strong attachment to the Lord.  My Dad said that he admired the way that his Aunt Bernie never wavered in her faith, even when life was very difficult.  We can all take a page out of that book.  My Grandma told of how her sister would always remind her when they were children of what to take to school, and what not to forget.  And how Bernie would never get impatient with her as she was always having to run back and get something.

The Lord took His amazing soul Bernadine back home last Sunday.  I am so  happy for Aunt Bernie, but she will always be loved and missed here on Earth.

Aunt Bernie, holding Carla when she was a baby.  

Aunt Bernie and Grandma Morgan, being silly on Mother's Day of 2010.  These two have been the best of friends for all of Grandma's life.  I am so glad that they had each other.  

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