While We Were Out

Carla's Grandparents Morgan arrived last Tuesday, so that they could be here with Carla while Bobby and I went home to Cody's Graduation.  They had such a nice time while they were here and Carla cried this morning after they left.  It is so hard to be so far from the people we love the most.  And Carla has some pretty amazing Grandparents, on both sides...so being here is that much more difficult.  Here are some cute pictures from their adventures.  

My Dad & Carla, being cute :)

Making fart noises together ;)  

Snuggling up Grandma Sue :)

Checking out Kerry Park at night.

Staying warm :)

What a gorgeous view!  

Carla, at Kerry Park :)

The first time she has been in public in months... we took Carla to a restaurant called Salty's with an AMAZING view of the city.  Don't worry, we brought lots of sanitizing wipes!  

These two are silly!

Trying out Laurlhurst Park

Being cute :)

Swinging has always been a blast :)  

After we left, they built a fort...

Another park...

Playing with Grandma Sue

Woo Hoo!

So darling!

This is at Mathews Beach, about a mile from where we live :)

Holy big bite of ice cream!  I wonder if she got a brain freeze!

Just outside of our apartment, check out that flowery bush!

Carla and Grandma Sue with a dear friend Toni :)  

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