Mother's Day

Having lost my own Mother when I was 12, Mother's Day has always been one of those bitter sweet, non-celebrated days for me.  The Mother's Day after my Mom died, I remember helping my favorite cousins move out of their home in Helena, so they could start a new life in California. When I was in my late teen years I would get depressed as Mother's Day approached.  When Bobby and I got married, we inadvertently scheduled the wedding for the day before Mother's Day...mostly because I didn't even take in to account that Mother's Day even existed!  But, on MY very first Mother's Day, the day after I married Bobby, Cody asked if he could call me Mom.  Mother's Day has become more special to me since then.  Being a Mom is a lot of work, and it is nice to have a day set aside to honor all the things us Mother's do!  

Yesterday I woke up to the most sweet text from Cody!  It was so sweet in fact,  I had to type it out and save it!  Bobby, Cody and Carla all got me cards as well as a beautiful flowering plant.  I called Bobby's Mom, Sue and my Grandma and wished them all a Happy Mother's day.  Usually we all get together and have breakfast with the Wrights and then dinner with Sue's Mom and my Grandma.  This year we couldn't do that, but we were able to come and play in the sun with our surrogate Mother here in Washington, Bev.  We had pizza for lunch and then BBQed filet mignon, shrimp, and veggies.   Yum, yum, yum!  It was a lovely day!  And, one of the first in years that Bobby didn't have to work!  It was nice to have him all day long!

Here are some pics from the day :)

Love, Jen
Waiting for Bobby to get out of Little Caesars 

My food has arrived!

Eating her pizza & bread sticks in the sun :)

Getting ready to play!

Play Ball! 
Getting ready to pitch!

The release!

Her pitcher's stance.

And what is a day int he sun without bubbles!?

Pretty impressed with herself :)

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