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Ok, so, I have pretty much no news to give.  The hospital here is HORRENDOUS when it comes to communicating with us SO we don't know very much about what is going on.  Carla's antibody blood test was taken last Wednesday.  Yesterday, I talked to one of the transplant nurses and she said that the doctors & HLA lab had been communicating via e-mail but she doesn't have any actual numbers to give me.  Apparently there are graphs involved and the docs were going to discuss her at their Wednesday evening meeting and she would call me back either Wednesday night, or today.  Well, since I haven't heard anything I called them and got a message that the transplant nurses are in meetings today and won't be calling anyone back until tomorrow.  I am very annoyed at the way Seattle Children's communicates.  I hate to compare the two, but I can't help myself... Primary Children's Hospital did a WAY BETTER job of keeping us in the loop, educating us, and making us feel involved in our child's care in general.  I think a lot of hospitals could learn a thing or two from Primary Children's Hospital.

Anyway, that being said, the nurse did say that Carla's Class 1 antibodies seem to be back.  Like I said, we don't have any numbers. But anyway, it is what it is.  I am confident the Lord has a plan and I'm going to leave this in His good hands.  

Here are a few cute pics from the last couple of weeks :)

Love, Jen

Carla with her lamb from Uncle Bill & Aunt Tristan :)

Doing her preschool work...

Painting is fun!

Catching some rays at Bev's house the other weekend :)

Carla with her dolly and dolly crib from Ted & Nancy Barnes.  She loves this!  

Putting her dolly down for a nap.

All dressed up and ready to dance!

Dancing around.

Crafts are fun :) Thanks Aunt Jess & Uncle Jeff for this one!

She was very proud of this little guy.

Proud of her craft.

Sprout Online.com

Painting a sunset.

She was pretty intense about this...

Thank you Reva & Benj for the cute headband :)

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Kallie said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading through it start to present. I had to comment that we live in the West Sound area and have had the same experience with SCH. You'd think a hospital that is supposedly ranked 5th in the nation would be better at returning phone calls and knowing what days their providers work! We have had no good experiences there and opt to do 95% of my son's care at Mary Bridge (the teeny tiny children's hospital in Tacoma). He's not a heart kiddo but has a rare genetic syndrome with many complexities, needs to be seen by 14 specialties :)