Graduation, 2012

Cody graduated from high school on Sunday! I can't believe my little Mr. Mans is now a real man with a high school diploma and plans for college in the fall!   We are so proud of the responsible young man he has become.  A lot of teens would have used Carla's illness and our having to be with her as an excuse to rebel or get away with murder.  Not Cody... through all the trials and tribulations he has done the opposite of what most teenagers would do, he has manned up. He continued to go to school, to work, and be an honorable man.  You have no idea what a relief it has been to not have the burden of worrying about whether Cody was doing what he should be doing.  As parents, we are truly blessed.  And,  it goes to show you, if you talk to your kids, they will listen.  Anyway, we couldn't be more proud.  Here are the highlights :)

Love, Jen 

Friday, May 18th, the last day of school.

Cody, with the beautiful cake his Grandma Wright got for him.

Our Graduate.

4 Generations of Wrights

Cutting the cake

Photo op

Walking the isle.
During the graduation ceremony Cody and a couple of his classmates performed "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox 20.  They did a fabulous job and I will post that video here too.

Cody, spinning his drum stick.

Kendra on vocals ; Ethan on vocals & bass; and Kyle on guitar and vocals 

During the ceremony they Seniors get flowers to give to the people in their lives who have been a big influence.  This is the hug Cody gave me after presenting me with the flower :)  

Hugging the Principal

Changing the tassel over. 
We are so proud & happy!

Cody & Great Grandma Morgan

Cody & Uncle Tom

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