Cardio Update

Hey there! I just wanted you all to know that Carla had an echo/cardiologist appointment on Wednesday.  Her echo is unchanged and her lungs still sound clear as a bell  : )    The doctors are all in agreement NOT to do further treatments to reduce her antibodies, as the last ones didn't seem to work at all.  But, they have decided to list her a little differently, so that we will receive more offers.  Right now Carla is listed in such a way that if the donor heart contains certain "unacceptable" antibodies they won't offer us the heart.  With the change in the way she is listed, she will probably get more offers, but the HLA lab will have to do a bunch of complicated lab work, weigh the pros and the cons and decide whether to take the donor heart.  It just means more options (and more work for the docs at the hospital).  We did have some blood drawn on Wednesday, so we should know what her antibodies are up to by the end of next week or so.

And, speaking of drawing blood, Seattle Children's has this absolutely AMAZING phlebotomist named Hector!  Carla likes to call him Nector and, I swear to God, this guy practically throws the needle like a dart and gets the vein EVERY TIME!  If Nector is on break, we wait until he returns.  It is awesome to have someone who can give her ONE poke every time.  Carla is sometimes tough to get blood out of (having half a heart and all) but Nector gets er done!  We LOVE him :)   After writing about Hector, I did a search on Google for phlebotomist Hector at Seattle Children's and found that he is mentioned in several blogs! Guess we are not the only ones singing his praises.  All we know is this:  Whatever Hector is getting paid, it's not nearly enough!

That's about all for now :)

Love, Jen

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