Busy busy!

We've been busy little bees lately!  Driving around, finding parks and then yesterday we even went to the Zoo!  My Dad and Sue took Carla to a bunch of parks while we were in Montana and now she has become so adventurous!  It makes me really happy because Carla has always been somewhat fearful and very careful at the park.  Kids half her age just about run her over with their great boundless energy and desire for adventure.  She is still pretty careful, but she is becoming more adventurous and less fearful, which is great!  When I was a kid, I was a climber... I used to climb trees like it was going out of style..even freaking some people out at times.  So, as an adventurer, I know the importance of feeling free enough to climb and be fearless to a point.  It's fun to see that part of Carla start to flourish.  
Yesterday while we were at the zoo, I got a call from the Seattle Children's Hospital, letting us know about the blood work Carla had last Wednesday.  Her antibodies are pretty much the same as they were a month ago and her white and red counts are also stable.  It's good to know she is stable anyway.   We  have been super lucky with the fact that she hasn't had any plastic bronchitis episodes since the middle of March...let's just hope she continues on that path...
Here are some pictures from the last week :)
Love, Jen
Climbing, while Grandpa spots...

Up on a lifeguard chair..

A bird gets super close...

Day before yesterday at Mathews Beach.  

On the Merry Go Round...

Trying out the zip line.


This is fun!

More fun...

Trying out this little whale thing...

Coming out of the slide. 

Just like climbing a mountain!


Woo hoo!



Getting so brave.

Walking the tight rope!

I'm falling!!

To the Zoo!

A peacock wandering around by the zoo entrance. 

A giraffe & ostriches 

On our way to the lions. 

Pretty much where Carla spent the whole day.

By the lions, they were sleeping..

In a cave by the warthogs.

Stopping for a little picnic lunch. 

Eating blue cotton candy, with a blue tongue :)

Carla and Daddy by an animal I can't remember what the name was ;) 

Carla  & Bobby by the elephants.  

Carla  & Bobby by the wolves. 

While feeding the birds, this one landed on Carla's shoulder...

Holy cow that was cool!

Feeding the birds :)

So pretty

And so close!

While on our adventures Carla started talking to a zookeeper and told her how she had half a heart and was waiting for a new heart.  After about 45 minutes later that same zookeeper found us and told us that she had a special treat for us.   She took us behind the scenes to see an ocelot, because Carla had told her that cats were her favorite.  It never ceases to amaze me how awesome people are.  

Bella, the ocelot. 

Right before we left the zoo we finally found the flamingos :)  
And there you have it :)

Thanks to all of you for reading about our adventures, and a special thank you to June for following our adventures and for being a super sweet Grandma Grape :)

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