Acting like we are on vacation...

It has been a busy week of adventure for this little Wright Family (minus one).  The weather has been amazing and we have been taking advantage of it!  We went to Bev's house on Monday, played in the sun and in the sprinklers and then on Tuesday we did a little sight seeing. Wednesday was Bobby and my 14th Anniversary, we are so blessed to have one another and thank the Lord every day for such a blessing. Yesterday we went to a beach called Dash Point, in Federal Way. Today we have to go to the hospital and get a finger poke, to test Carla's INR (coumadin) levels...boo hiss.  

Next week my Dad & Sue are coming to watch Carla for a couple of days while Bobby and I get to go home for CODY'S GRADUATION!!!  I can't believe our boy is graduating!  Seems like just yesterday he was Carla's age, playing baseball in Bev's yard with Bobby during our annual vacation to Washington.  Funny how much life has changed... but is still the same.  Looking forward to watching our son walk down the graduation isle and collect his diploma.  Next fall  he is off to Bozeman for college and before we know it we'll be watching him graduate that, marry, have his own kids and eventually Bobby & Cody will be teaching them how to play baseball, while I take pictures :)  So looking forward to watching Cody turn into the amazing Man that we know he is already becoming.  

Love, Jen

Daddy, teaching Carla how to play ball.

Grandma Bev, giving pointers..

Baseball is fun!

Daddy, teaching Carla how to throw a frisbee!

Woo hoo!

Pretending to be a dog.

Trying out baseball again.

A baseball stance Big Brother would be proud of .

Check out that honking bird in the tree!

So, a little Frasier trivia....this is where the picture was taken to show the view outside of his apartment.

Photo op!

Another photo op!

Carla's favorite place to hang out.

Here we are down the road, checking out some more scenery

These two are the cutest!

Getting ready to brave the big slide!

So fun!  

Daddy's turn!

Carla LOVED this slide SO much!

At Dash Point Beach...look at how far out the tide is!

Daddy, showing Carla the beach.

Look, a star fish!  Just like Patrick!  (SpongeBob anyone?)

A picture to show how far the tide was out.

Another picture to show how far the tide was out. 

Bobby, teaching...

Photo op!

Lovin his girly

Look, a sand dollar.  Did you know they are actually living creatures?  

Bobby, multitasking...

This live clam was on top of the ground.

Getting wet (in her brand new shoes and dress)....

Looking for sea critters..

Check it out!  I dug up this clam with my bare hands!  

Going over to rinse off our clammy fingers :)
Carla can't go out in public, because we don't want her picking up any sicknesses from other kids or people...but it has been fun finding nature type adventures to keep us busy!

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