An Update

Things in general are going well and we are happy :)  Carla had her last Bortizemib treatment on Monday and it actually went really well.  We pre-treated her with Tylenol and an anti-nausea pill and that seemed to do the trick for controlling the side effects of the drug.  They did not do another antibody blood draw, but plan on doing one next week when we go in for our monthly cardio visit.  We will be doing a Synagis shot tomorrow at the pediatrician's office.   We are hoping this is the last shot of the season, because RSV season is officially over at the end of this month.  Yay!!!  

All in all, life is good and we can't complain :)  Here are some cute pics from the last couple of weeks :)

Carla and her Daddy on Easter, saying "I love you" in sign.  

Being cute in our make shift office in the dining room :)  

Dancing :)

Singing "Bad Romance" from the Chipmunk movie :)

Our little entertainer.
 I will interject a little story here about Carla's last infusion. After we finished up the treatment, and were on our way out of the injection area, Carla was visiting with passers by and was able to collect an audience of nurses.... She then proceeded to sing Bad Romance while dancing about.  One of the nurses said that she wished she had her ipad so that she could record and you tube her.  She is definitely a hit at the hospital.  Our little social butterfly :)
Carla in her brand new rain coat from Grandma Wright  :)  

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