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Ok, so I haven't been the best lately about posting, but I will give you a quick update!  Bobby's Mom came last Tuesday and I went home on Thursday for a visit.  On Friday I found out about Carla's antibodies not having come down and we were given a schedule for the new injections that will hopefully do the trick.  Saturday was prom for Cody, Sunday Bobby had a work party, Monday I cleaned and packed up some extra stuff to bring back to Seattle, Tuesday we were doing the same when we got a call from our good friends Chad and Melissa.  We were supposed to have dinner or lunch this week but they were busy because they had a dinner event in Beverly Hills.  Melissa asked if we had any plans for Wednesday and then proceeded to tell us that they wanted to fly us out to LA for dinner.  And of course, if we were going to LA, we should stay at the Beverly Hills Wilshire.  At first I told Bobby that we couldn't do that, because he had a dentist appointment on Wednesday!  But, he advised me that I was a total wackado and that we were going to LA!  I guess this is funny, because it showcases what a practical nighmare I have become.  I might as well have said.  No!  That sounds like fun, we are not doing that!  But thankfully, I have my honey, and he talked some sense in to me.  We enjoyed ourselves so much and I can't even begin to explain not only how amazing it is to have friends that would do something like that for us, but also how much we needed to relax for a night.  The night and the company was awesome.

Friday morning at 6:38 a.m., we received a call from Dr. Yuk Law.  We had been offered  a heart, but unfortunately there was cross match antibody issues... so we were not able to accept this heart.  Disappointing, but like before, I hope this was some other child's perfect heart.

Yesterday we traveled back to Seattle and today has been Carla's 5th Birthday!  So much better than her 4th birthday!  Holy cow.  We picked up her AMAZING Icing Smiles Cake this morning, took her to for Chicken Nuggets, fries and a Minty milkshake for lunch and then came home, made her some spaghetti and garlic bread and then proceeded to eat and open presents.  After presents Carla entertained us with her new karaoke machine and then we ate cake and cleaned up.  It has been a lovely day.  I have SO MANY pictures to post... I will move on to those now....

Love, Jen


At Venice Beach.

Chad & Melissa.  

My feet in the sand...So warm...so comforting...

Bobby & Chad...

Our feet in the ocean.

So cute!

Bobby and I, ready for dinner.

Ready to go out :)

My handsome man. 

Chad & Melissa, Chef Michael Voltaggio, Me & Bobby.

Chef Michael Voltaggio, winner of Top Chef, season  6

One of our courses...

One of our desserts...

Bobby's Coffee

Our other dessert.  So Yummy!

My food and I.

Bobby and his food.... 

Enjoying how the other half lives :)  We are so blessed to have friends who would do something so special and generous for us.  

Carla's Cake, made by Stephanie Campbell  with Icing Smiles.  

Carla with Stephanie, we can't thank Stephanie enough for the beautiful cake.

Carla with her Daddy, Grandma, Papa and Uncle Tom :)

Carla and her beautiful Princess Cake.

Our little Birthday Princess... I can't even believe she is already 5

What a lovely cake!

Reading a card...

Thank you Ted & Nancy

This baby crib is a HIT!  She loves it!  Thank you Ted and Nancy!
At this point, my camera battery died.... Thomas took more pictures on his phone, but I haven't received them.  I will post more at a later date!  Love, Jen

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