Good News...FINALLY!

I just got off the phone with the hospital and it looks like Carla's Class 2 antibodies have come down significantly!  Her Class 1 antibodies are still the same BUT at least the Class 2 look better!!!  And, these are results after only one Bortizomib treatment.  So, this is encouraging news :)  I hope this makes finding Carla's perfect new heart easier :)

I other news, things are well and good.  Carla's last Bortizomib treatment is on Monday.  Her treatment last Monday caused some nausea, so today they gave her a drug to help that nausea and it did the trick.  We will have that again on Monday.

I am feeling happy and encouraged by the news we got today.  :) Love, Jen

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Proton Therapy said...

Really good news.
I wish for long live of Carla.