Cardio Visit

We saw the cardiologist yesterday and she was pleasantly surprised with how well Carla is doing!  She said her lungs sound "Clear as a bell!" and that she has never seen her looking better.  She was also encouraged that her antibodies showed a decrease after the first dose of Bartizomib and we are all looking forward to the results we get from the blood they took yesterday.  Dr. Law made sure to reassure me that the healthier Carla is during transplant, the easier transplant and recovery will go.  She was also very happy to hear about Carla's great stamina lately.   I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for Carla's current good health.  As far as stats go:  Her oxygen level was at 87, she is 100 centimeters tall (in the 4.2 percentile..HAHAHAHA! We have another shorty in the family); and 35.49 pounds.  For her height and weight, she is in the 65th percentile, which I'm assuming is great. :) 

I will let everyone know when we get her antibody results back, but I don't expect to hear from them until the beginning of next week.  I have to say...waiting and being patient with this process has been so much easier with  Bobby here.  It was all just TOO MUCH for me to do alone.... I needed my partner and having him here has been such a blessing.  You can't even imagine the anxiety I was experiencing...I am feeling so much better now.  

I have included with this post a couple of cute pics I have taken recently with my phone.  You know how it goes, sometimes it's just so much more convenient to take a phone picture, but then nothing ever happens with those pics!  So, I forwarded these to my email and downloaded them for your viewing pleasure :)  

Love, Jen

Carla and her Daddy :)

Getting ready to go for a drive the other day :)

Carla in her new bathing suit that I got her this weekend.  She was running through the hose water at Bev's and it was the cutest!  I'm so happy Bev has a yard, because we do not!

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