Beautiful Day for a Walk!

It's a gorgeous day out, so Carla and I decided to walk down to the hospital to pick up her meds.  We took the camera and pretty much took her picture in front of every flower we could see :)  She was enjoying herself immensely!   What was very note worthy about our little adventure was this:  Carla walked the whole way there and back, even ran a bit and went down a flight of stairs at the hospital and then up some stairs at the apartment.  Her stamina seems to be better than usual.  We have walked to the hospital before, but she would end up needing to be carried about half the way.  So, this is a great improvement and it does my heart good to see her so well.  Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice day, so I'm sure we will find ourselves on another adventure.  Sure do love that Toot!

Love, Jen

The flower bush outside of our apartment.

We just don't have flowers like this in Montana.  

A flower fell off the tree and Carla thought it was beautiful .

Some kind of black crow... it mostly just reminded me of my Dad, and how he caws at birds, so I took the picture :)

Oops, we scared it off!

Being Cute :)

In the little treed path to the hospital. 

And we are in the parking lot and she broke out into a run!

Calling out for me to chase her.

Looking a bit winded, but still plugging along. 

Resting on the bench outside of the hospital.

Seriously, I don't think she could get any cuter (but I'm bias)  

Mom!  I'm in jail!

You silly nerd :)


2 pink flowers, 1 for putting in water and 1 for dancing with...

Saying:  "Grandma Sue!"  Because we were talking about how much Grandma Sue would LOVE all the flowers around here!  

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