Seattle Adventure :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we decided to take advantage of it!  We need to steer clear of anyone else's germs BUT that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the little bit of sunshine that Seattle offers this time of year.  My apartment is a couple of miles from this super cool beach/park with a really nice walking path.  So, we went and enjoyed the outdoors a little bit.  

 Here I am with my Dad and Carla.
 Here is Dad & Sue with Carla..and a little bit different scenery...
 And here Dad, Cara and I are again.   Behind us is Lake Washington.
 Sue took this super cute picture of Carla enjoying this neat swing.
 Here are a couple of Carla and her Grandpa enjoying the cool swing :)

 Later that night, right before bed, Grandma Sue asked Carla to put her socks in the laundry room.  She threw her sock and made a basket, right in the garbage can.  This provoked a game of sock in the garbage can that lasted a good 10 minutes or so....
 Here Carla is super excited about making a basket!
And here she is holding "Baby Peach"  She has such a fun imagination and imagines that Peach, Mario, Luigi and Toad come and visit us every day (yes these are the Super Mario characters...but if you ask Carla they are her dear friends).  I guess part of not being able to play with other children wakes up the imagination of  a 4 year old wishing so badly she could just have a friend to play with.  It's actually kind of sad, but it's still sweet that she always finds a way to make everything alright and doesn't ever complain or let it get her down.

Later today I should find out the results of Carla's antibody blood test.  I hope so badly that the treatments have started to work and that we can open her up to some more hearts.

Carla's calling, gotta run!

Love, Jen

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