Last IVIG Treatment

Carla had her last IVIG treatment yesterday and talk about a LONG DAY!  Last time we did IVIG Carla seemed to react to it...she got all flushed in the face and complained of a headache.  So, when I asked the nurse about slowing down the speed of her infusion she contacted the cardiologist and they agreed that it was a good idea to infuse her at a slower rate.  So.... Twelve and a half hours later, we were finally out of there.  Carla was a rock star and we are so proud of her.   She did get extremely crabby after her morning dose of Benadryl, but that is because it makes her super tired and she was trying not to fall asleep.  Once she gave into the Sandman and slept for a couple hours, she was back to her usual charming self.  We are so blessed to have such a little sweetheart. Here's to hoping that these infusions do the trick and we get her perfect heart soon.  We have been waiting on the 1A list for 99 days now...  I thought this process was going to be a lot faster.  I guess that goes to show you what I know ;)  

In other news:  Cody's basketball season is over and he was able to get his job back at Dantes, woo hoo!  .... AND yesterday he got the letter that he was accepted to the MSU College of Technology in Great Falls :)  Yay!  He plans on attending classes there for a year and then transferring to MSU Bozeman next year.  We are super happy and proud of him.  Very blessed to have two terrific kids :)

Love, Jen

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