Happy Birthday!!!

We have been having a nice time visiting with my folks.  Sue and I  hit the dollar store, found and hit a grocery outlet and then Sams Club and Albertsons one day.  Then Dad and I ran around on another day ... we had Carla's pretend 5th Birthday yesterday and she was so excited about it.  She later told Grandma Sue that it was a lovely day...and that she wished that her Daddy was here with us :(  We wish he was too.  But, he will be here for her real birthday, as will her Grandparents Wright.  So, we are excited about that.  

Here are some cute pics from the past couple of days :)

Waiting for Grandma & Grandpa ... We got a little bored and silly...

Self portraits  ....  oops, too close... 

Being super silly.

Ride Em Grandpa!

Singing Taylor Swift's "Mine"

Making Carla's Un-Birthday Cake.

Decorating the cake.

Ready to party!

Carla, with her cake .


Dancing around and hamming it up!

The Un-Birthday Spread.

So cute with Grandma Sue & Grandpa

Getting sung to :)

Making a wish (to go back to Disney World) ....

Blowing out her candles :)

A bag of presents from Grandma & Grandpa!

Checking out her goods!

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