Checking in :)

Hello!  I am just checking in to let everyone know that things here are going well.  Carla has been healthy and we have just been hanging out...waiting.  Bobby's Mom is coming up on Monday for a couple of weeks and she will be staying with Carla while I go home for 10 days.  Cody's Senior prom is the 24th... We missed seeing him off to prom (and more importantly taking pictures of it) last year, because Carla was so sick.  But, this year I want to be there for the Grand March (where all the kids parade around for all the parents to see them in all their glory and take pics).  It is one of the really cool things about being from a small school.

On Sunday, the 1st we (Bobby, Roger, Thomas and I) will drive back up to Seattle to celebrate Carla's birthday on the 2nd.  Cody can't take the time  off of school (which is really disappointing) but it is what it is.  Tammy, Thomas and Roger will leave on Wednesday and Bobby is going to stay with us.  Carla will have her blood taken on the 3rd and we will hold our breath and wait to see if her antibodies have gone down.  If they have reduced significantly, they can change the way she is listed and we will be moving forward with transplant sooner.  We are so ready to be off the list and moving forward with our lives.  Being stuck in  a holding pattern is definitely a hard way to live.  We will have to stay in Seattle for 3 to 6 months after transplant.  So, the sooner she gets a heart, the sooner will be able to come home to Montana.  We miss home.

Anyway, everything is good.  Just letting you know :)

Love, Jen

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