Senior Night

Saturday night was Senior Night in Cascade.  I was so happy to be there and we are so proud of our son.  When they announced  him and his accomplishments they also said that "Cody would like to give his Mom a special thanks for coming back from Seattle, where she is staying while we await his sister's heart transplant."  We are so honored to have such a thoughtful, sweet, and grown up young man for a son.  Thanks for being ours Cody.  You are the best!   :)  

Cody :)

The line up.

Our little Wright Family, minus one.

With Cody's Papa :)

The Cheerleaders :)

Cody, walking us out...

A special thanks to Mom.

Hugs and a T-Shirt from Sydney.

Darby and Cody hugging

Bobby, telling Cody how proud we are of him.

Hugging my Boy.  

Super Happy and proud.

Happy and Proud :)

Sydney :)

Go Badgers!!!

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