Home Sweet Home...for a little while anyway.

Friday afternoon I boarded a train leaving Seattle, rode for 17 hours and was greeted by the two most handsome guys!  Bobby and Cody picked me up in Shelby (about 2 hours from home).  We drove to Great Falls, had some lunch, and then came home for a little while before hitting the basketball games in Cascade.  I can't even explain how much I needed a break from Seattle and how  much I missed my family at home.  I am hoping to be fully rejuvenated before I head back on Sunday.  I chose this week to come home because it is a special week for Cody.  Saturday is Senior night at the school and of course, I HAVE to be home on the night that they honor this years Seniors, before their last home game.   Here are some pictures from Saturday's game...

Cody, taking it down...


Going around his defender.

Shooting a free throw

And swish...

Sydney and the other cheerleaders. 

Carla is with her Grandma Wright in Seattle.  Between yesterday and this morning she has coughed out 3 small casts :(  I'm sure that I don't have to express how nerve wracking it is for us that this is going on at all, let alone  while we are not there... But, I have the utmost confidence in Bobby's Mom and her ability to take care of Carla.  She said that Carla is active and that her color is good.  She is not having a hard time producing the casts and Mom is taking good care of her.  So, I'm not going to rush back to Seattle.

Tuesday, the 14th, Carla will get her first treatment to bring down her antibodies (and her immune system).  I am nervous about the whole thing but we think (and the doctors think) it is the right move to make and that it will help Carla get a heart faster.  The treatment is the first of four and will be about a six hour IV infusion of what is called IVIG.  I hope that she tolerates everything well.  I am becoming so heartbroken about everything that Carla has to go through.  And yes, she takes it all in stride.  But I feel like the kid needs a break!  She has had more shots, meds, surgeries, procedures and pokes than any person should have in a lifetime!  She needs some serious fun .... I can't wait until she gets her new heart, is stabilized and we can take her on another dream trip involving Princesses.   I don't know how we will be able to get it accomplished, but I do know that Carla deserves it, so we will find a way to make it happen!  Let's shoot for a year or so from now...maybe for her 6th birthday...we will see.

That's all for now folks!

Love, Jen

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One Happy Heart Family said...

Hope you find a little R & R this weekend!! Glad you were able to come home. So is Carla staying in Seattle all the time now? I know the treatments will help. I have seen them work on other HlHSers!! We are always praying and thinking of you guys!!

I feel the same way about Kylie and having to go through so much, what makes me feel better is her good days highly outnumber her bad days.