Bringing the antibodies down...

Carla and I had an appointment today with the transplant team to discuss what they have decided about Carla and her high antibodies.  They want to start her on a therapy to bring them down.  Unfortunately, the therapy will suppress her immune system, so she will be more likely to get infections...but they believe it will open her up to more heart options and will speed the process of getting her a new heart.  Right now her antibody levels make it so that 7 of 10 hearts wouldn't work for her.  If we can bring the numbers down, maybe we could get her a donor heart a bit faster.

While this all makes perfect sense to me, I can't help but to feel overwhelmed.  Sometimes I feel like I am a stack of blocks and the Lord just keeps piling the blocks on...I wonder when I'm going to fall over into a pile.  But, even though things are hard, I KNOW everything will be alright.  Carla will get her heart and eventually we will be reunited with our family.  Until then,  I need to remember to breathe in and out.   I need to remember to pray and to trust in The Lord's Plan.  

Please keep us in your prayers.  Thank you!

Love, Jen

p.s.  Here are some cute pics :)

Sliding at the park yesterday.

She's having fun!

Woo hoo!

Today, all dressed up from going to the doctor (Carla has to get dressed up for the doc, you know).

Super hammy Toot!

Dancing around.

She is so full of life!

And joy..

And happiness....  
This is what keeps me going every day :)

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