Antibody Treatments...

So, as I write this Carla is receiving the first of four IV injections to bring her antibodies down.  She is tired and a little crabby...here's to hoping it works and helps her get a new heart soon.  The way these four treatments go is such...  The first treatment she is getting is IVIG.  IVIG kind of gives Carla's immune system a boost, so that she doesn't catch any viruses.  The second and third treatments are a drug called Rituximab.  Rituximab brings Carla's own antibodies down, so that she can be more eligible for a new heart, and then the fourth treatment is of IVIG again.  I suppose that makes perfect sense.

We see Carla's cardiologist tomorrow for a regular check up and then afterwards I have to take my Mother in law to the train station to go back home.  And once again, Carla and I will be alone.  It was so nice for me to get to go home for a week and then come home to another adult to visit with and help out with Carla.  But, unfortunately, Mom has to work for a living too.  So, she must go home.  We are hoping that Bobby can come and visit soon and then my Dad & Sue will be coming to visit the first week in March.  So, we will be having a lot of company.  Company is good.

Crabby girl...

Self portraits always cheer up a girl :)

Carla, taking my picture as I try to help her hold up the camera.

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