Another IV Treatment

Today  we are doing Carla's 3rd all day IV treatment.  She is sleeping peacefully and I hope it stays that way for at least another hour or so.  Last night/this morning she coughed out a couple of small casts, so I wasn't sure if the docs would want to do this treatment, but they said so long as she doesn't have a fever they wanted to move forward.  The nurse giving Carla her infusion this morning asked if we have any idea how long the wait for a heart will be.  Funny to me that even hospital staff ask this question.  You big silly, there is no way to predict when or how long it will be.... not like we can go pluck a perfect heart off the shelf for Carla.  Although, that would be convenient!

As far as other news goes...not a lot going on.  We spend the days hanging out in our apartment together, cooking, playing and just having Mommy/Daughter time.  My Dad & Sue are coming up tomorrow though, so I am excited about that!  We have a pulmonary appointment on Thursday and then Carla's last IV treatment next Tuesday.  It will be nice to have part of the village here for that! :)  I am planning on going home for a week at the end of March and then we will come back and celebrate Carla's 5th birthday!  She wants a princess cake, so I will have to see what I can figure out.  Aunt Jess isn't around to make her a fancy cake this year SOOOO....I will either have to figure out how to make a princess cake, or I will have to find one at the bakery :)

Anyway, I suppose I will try to take a nap while Carla is sleeping...

Love, Jen

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Anne B said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog through the big blog world. I wanted to suggest that you reach out to Icing Smiles for a perfect princess cake for Carla. http://www.icingsmiles.org

I hope Carla gets her perfect heart soon.