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The other day I wanted to add Cody's Senior picture to the side of the blog and guess what?  I found out that I have run out of free picture storage space on the blog!  So, for the reasonable price of 5 dollars a year, I was able to purchase another 20 GB of storage...so, I can upload more pics :)  Otherwise you would just get stuck reading words, with no fun pictures to look at...and we wouldn't want that!  Especially since I have such CUTE pictures to add today!

Friday Carla and I went to Renton to spend the weekend with Beverly.  She took us to her hairdresser and Carla got her hair cut! Yay!  She got to sit in the kid car for the cut, which made her super happy.

Check out that cool ride.

Carla was pretty excited :)
After getting her hair done, we ventured over to Little Caesars for pizza!!!!  Yay!  My favorite fast and cheap treat!   We all enjoyed a slice in the car and then headed to Sam's Club to buy myself a bluetooth. Now I can answer my phone if I am driving somewhere and it rings!  Yay!  After getting back to Bev's house JD (the kitty) needed some lovin.  So, Carla and Bev snuggled him up.  It was sweet.
Beverly, Carla and JD snuggle up on the chair.

Carla and JD.  She sure does LOVE JD.

A side shot of Carla's hair.

I am really happy with the job Bev's gal did!  I didn't have to  re-cut it myself...which is always a bonus!
Saturday, Bev's next door neighbors were out cleaning up the tree debris from the last couple weeks of snow and wind.  Carla just couldn't stand herself and so took them over some cookies she and Bev had made earlier that day.  She is such a social butterfly and is always so excited to make new friends :)
Headed next door :)
Sunday I ran home to pick up a couple things, so that we could spend one more night with Bev.  At the apartment door was a package Bobby.  His customers, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, had given him a present for Carla.  Here she is opening it up!
Carla was super excited to open up her present!

Reading the card.

Going at the wrapping...


Loving on her dolly.

Carla loves her baby.

We promptly made her a make-shift bassinet and put the baby to bed.  
It's an American Girl baby dolly and she named her Aurora Jen Wright  (after her favorite Princess and her Mommy) So sweet.   Thank you to the Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, for thinking of us and sending Carla such a lovely baby girl.

Also, I spoke with the transplant nurses and we have an appointment on Wednesday to discuss what the antibody specialists think we should do about Carla's high antibody levels and moving forward with transplant.  I will keep you posted :)

Love, Jen

A special thank you to Beverly for spoiling us, loving us and letting us be your family :)  We sure do love you!  It is not often in life where you have a friend as special, sweet and wonderful as you.  We are so blessed. 

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