Visiting Friends

We have been busy busy, visiting friends and enjoying ourselves in general ever since Dad & Sue got here.  On Sunday we went to Bev's house to watch the Bronco game.  True to her usual form, Beverly was so sweet and accomodating to us. She had meats, cheeses, crackers, veggies, fruits and cookies...and of course beverages. The Broncos were disappointing but at least we had good friends and food, so it made it alright.  

Yesterday we went for a drive up to a friend of Sue's, named Dolly.  She is an 80 year old little lady and sharp as a tack.  It was an enjoyable visit.  She has a parrot, and Carla enjoyed very much saying Hello and Goodbye to the bird....over and over.  

Today we went to the doctor to get a baseline visit with a pediatrician, and also to get Carla's 1st synagis shot.  Carla was approved for Synagis, probably because RSV is what nearly killed her in March last year.  RSV and Plastic Bronchitis don't play well together.  The doctor visit was a bust!  We spent just over 2 hours in the doctors office and didn't get to see the normal doctor she will end up seeing (instead we saw a resident) AND no synagis shot, because their shipment hadn't arrived.  So, we will have to go back for the shot most likely on Friday.  I was hoping for grandparent support for the shot ....I remember how painful they were when she was a baby :(  ... But unfortunately I will have to do the shot alone on Friday.  

After Carla's bust of a doctor visit we made our way up to Marysville, WA to see a dear old friend of my Moms, Matt Mossbrucker.  Matt was actually like a brother to my Mom when she was a little girl, and he and his wife, Charla, were so sweet and kind  to us.  We visited for a while and then they took us to dinner at a very nice restaurant.  I love the fact that my Mom was so special that even now, when people talk of her their eyes light up.  She left such an impression on so many people....I am so honored to have had such  a Mom as mine.  Thank you Matt and Charla for the lovely evening :)  We are so blessed to have people like you in our lives. 

Love, Jen  

Carla, at the doctor's office, waiting for the doctor.
My Mom and Matt, back in 1951.

My Dad, Carla and I with Matt and Charla :)

Of course, more Christmas presents.  Charla made this adorable and extremely useful  pillow/toy for Carla.  It is perfect for when she sleeps in the car seat!

Carla with her Monkey  pillow/toy.  

Charla, reading to Carla.  So sweet. 

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Anonymous said...

I have known you for an extremely long time and I just love the new stories of your life that are actually old stories! I love you dear friend!