Snow Day!

We are having a couple of snow days here in Sea Town!  That's right, there is about 4 inches of snow on the ground (at least where we are) and there is all day news coverage on the snow... and the hospital called to reschedule Carla's appointments, so that people could work from home as much as possible.  It's funny in a way, but refreshing at the same time.  Do you know that when Cody was in 6th grade, we drove 23 miles down the highway, through the most treacherous snow storm, so that Cody could make it to his baseball tryouts?  He was a first round draft pick, made his first home runs that year and went on to be on the All Star team, so it was all worth it.  But, that 23 miles in to Great Falls and then the drive home were some serious nail biters!  It's kind of nice to not have the pressure of getting out in it, when you KNOW it would be safer to stay home.  At the same time, I have to tell you, I am BORED OUT OF MY SKULL!  If I would have thought that there would be snow here, I could have brought Carla's sled and snow pants, boots, hat, gloves, etc.  But nooooo.... I brought a coat that would be sufficient for rainy cool days, not cold snowy days.  We have an umbrella...and I have to tell you, I HAVE NEVER USED AN UMBRELLA IN MY LIFE! When I was a little girl I remember asking my Mom to buy me one and she said "We live in Montana, you don't need an umbrella."    And so, when it occasionally rains at home, I brave it without an umbrella (the wind blows so hard in Great Falls and Cascade that it would probably ruin an umbrella anyway).  But, the other day...Carla and I busted out the umbrella we bought her in Disney World ... and it was PRETTY AWESOME!

Anyway, enough on the weather.  Things here are fine.  I am going stir crazy and am tired of being Carla's only playmate.  But, I am also grateful to have her, so this is all part of what is necessary right now.  I keep waiting for the call that will change our lives...but int he mean time, we are working on Carla's preschool work, playing Dragons and Princesses, Bowser and Mario as well as watching some Sprout on cable.  Right now Carla is cutting and gluing while taking care of her "baby".  She is getting better at cutting and writing her letters.  So, I am proud of her :)  She is excited to show her Grandma and Daddy when they come to visit in February and by then she will be REALLY GOOD!

Love, Jen

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