Good Morning!

Well hello there!  It is the 11th of January and I figured I had better get to updating the blog!

We had been busy with family the first week of January and this weekend we spent with Beverly.  So, there hasn't been a lot of "me" time for blogging.  Also, I had some internet and cable technical difficulties, but now I think those are ironed out as well!

Yesterday I started an Isagenix 9 day cleanse.  You start right out of the gate with  2 days of no food, but of course supplements and liquids and tons of water.  Isagenix is different, because it is a whole body type of a deal, instead of just a poop cleanse (to try not to be too gross).  I felt pretty good the whole day, and every time I was hungry there was always a little something more for me to drink or eat.  They do have these nasty little snack things, which I detest, but I went ahead and followed the plan.  And guess what, I am starting day 2 feeling quite a lot better than I had the day before I started.  The tension in my back muscles is less and I feel clear in the head and energetic.  I am excited to see how well I feel throughout this next week and afterwards.

Yesterday was a house cleaning day, and I also decided to rearrange the furniture.  The lines and use of space had been bugging me and now I am much happier with the way things look and feel around here!  I'll show you pics in a second.

Today Carla and I are going to head over to the hospital for a blood draw.  We have an appointment with the transplant clinic next week and I would like the results of the antibody test at the appointment.  I am hoping that her antibodies have come down a bit more, because if not, the plan will most likely be to start meds to bring them down.  As they come down, she will be a good candidate for more hearts...and we are ready for her perfect heart.

Carla's cough FINALLY went away the other day and I am so happy to report that her lungs sound very clear and well.  Now, the key will be to just keep her healthy!  Which we are working hard on doing and I am sure  being in this apartment has helped considerably  :)

Love, Jen
Carla with my Uncle Jerry, Me and my Dad. 
 I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to see my Uncle Jerry on the 4th of January!  I haven't seen him in so many years and love him very much!  Carla enjoyed him as well :)
The back part of the living room "BEFORE" 
The back part of the living room "AFTER"

The front part of the living room "BEFORE"

The front part of the living room "AFTER"

The 2nd bedroom "BEFORE"

2nd bedroom "AFTER"

A whole living room shot, after. 

Carla, being silly last night. 

Carla Monday night, playing with her Strawberry shortcake toy that I bought for her with the money Matt and Charla gave me for her :) 
With Rapunzel's tower, Cinderella's tea cottage and Strawberry Shortcakes's cafe, Carla is working on a village for her little princesses to play in!

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